Privacy Policy

In general, no personal data is captured when you visit the Lascon Storage site, and no visitor data is used to target advertising material.

Use of Cookies

Cookies are used in many websites for two reasons.
Session cookes are only exist while you are visiting a website and are used to remember your userid and password, so you don't have to log in every time you change a page.
Persistent Cookies are usually stored on your PC after you leave a website, and are typically used to hold your userid and password so you don't need to key them in next time you visit. Cookies can also be used for other purposes, such as analysing any data you key in or the city you are in, then presenting targeted adverts for products that might match your data.

The Lascon Storage site does not use cookies at all. However the Lascon Storage uses the Statcounter product to record visitors to the site and this may install cookies. Lascon Storage has no ability to give you any option to decline these cookies, they are entirely controlled by StatCounter at present. However, if you enable the 'Do Not Track' feature in your browser, then StatCounter will ignore your visit and will not record any data.

StatCounter captures general information about your visit, for example, what type of operating system you are using, what type of browser, what you screen resolution is and if you have Java Script enabled. We can access this data at, and this allows us to build a picture of the equipment that people are using when they visit the Lascon Storage site, so we can ensure the site works and displays correctly with the most popular software releases at least.
Statcounter also captures data like visit start and end time, pages visited and domain name.
What Statcounter does not capture, and cannot capture, is your name or your email address and it is not used to target adverts.