Open Systems Migration Products

Two products are featured in detail in this section, FDR/Upstream and Managed Server HSM. Other Open Systems products exist, IBM's TSM has an HSM component, while EMC DiskXtender and MoonWalk from Australia are both Open HSM products. If you would like to see your favourite product in this list, write a short paragraph, and send it to me.


FDR/Upstream from Innovation Data Processing is a Storage Management product that includes backup and disaster recovery for a wide range of open systems clients. Upstream can understand many open systems databases, including SQL, Oracle, Lotus Notes and GroupWise.
However, the important thing for this page is that Upstream also includes a Netware HSM facility with automatic recall from a stub file.
The FDR/Upstream Server runs on a z/OS mainframe and the Upstream/Reservoir Server runs on several types of Windows, Linux and Unix servers. Upstream provides the ability to backup to disk or tape. Backups can be initiated from the mainframe server by running mainframe batch jobs, or from the PC or director interfaces. Restores can also be initiated from the mainframe, or from the PC interfaces.

The advantage of using a mainframe for second level HSM storage is that the HSM system can share tape drives with other applications, it does not need a new infrastructure.
Upstream also has a PC component to simplify administration. The Upstream Director is an open systems application that can be used to centrally control, and monitor all the upstream functions between servers and clients from a single interface.

The following pages provide a bit more detail on how to install Upstream and make it work.

Managed Server HSM

Managed Server HSM from Camino Software is a pure HSM product. It can manage Windows versions from 2000 to at least 2012 and also Apple-MAC, NetApp and OES Linux servers as clients, and either needs cheap disk installed on the network, or it can write to a TSM interface or an EMC Centerra.

The Key to MSHSM is the 'Policy Engine'. This contains sets of Migration Profiles and Volume Rules.

The following page shows examples of defining a Migration Policy, including Migration rules, Deletion policies, and Volumes Rules.

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Open Systems HSM

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