HSM Commands

This is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all the HSM commands, with every associated parameter. IBM has a few manuals that will give you that sort of detail. This is a list of those commands that I have found useful, with a few tips on when you would use them.
The commands are split into three pages as described below.

This page discusses the commands that you use to manage datasets, including

  • List
  • Backds
  • Recover
  • Bdelete
  • Migrate
  • Recall
  • Delete

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This page discusses the operational and system commands that you use to manage DFHSM. including

  • Query
  • Hold
  • Release
  • Cancel

This page discusses the commands you use to set DFHSM up, and change DFHSM parameters, including

  • Addvol
  • Freevol
  • Delvol
  • Audit
  • ExpireBV
  • List
  • Auth
  • FixCDS

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